My new rope toy

Hi, it’s Karl, again. Mommy made me a new toy! I absolutely love new toys!!! Mommy had a few old shirts she was going to get rid of and decided to turn them into a toy for me. It was super easy! 

Here’s what she used: a pair of scissors and two t-shirts. That’s it!

First, mommy cut little slits on the bottom of the shirt about three inches apart.

My little brother helped out Mommy.

Second mommy pulled up on the strips to make lots of then strips of t-shirts.

Next mommy cut off the strips from the t-shirts.

Then Mommy put them into three piles. All she had to do to finish it was put the tops together and tie one of the strings around them.

Next mommy braided those three piles together to make it look like a rope.

Then she finished it off by tying a strip around the other side. Then it was all done! (You will have to excuse the stuffing in the pictures. I had just had fun destroying another toy earlier.)

I really enjoyed my new Rope toys. They are a lot of fun to play with.

I am such a genius that I untied the end about five minutes after mommy gave it to me. But mommy fixed it for me.

I love my new toy so much that I took it to bed with me. I hope Mommy will make me some more new toys soon.


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