Kevin’s birthday

Hi, it’s Karl. Last Saturday was my big brother’s birthday. He turned 8! Now I can really call him an old man. (He he) we enjoyed a day celebrating his birthday. All day long I tried to make sure he had a good birthday. I started the day off playing with him as much as I could. Of course I let him win some since it was his birthday.

Then Mommy took us all to PetSmart! My little brother came too! Mommy tried to get a picture of us all together but Kevin and I were to excited. 

I really liked the fish. Mommy said we have to wait to get one. Kevin wanted a bird. Mommy said that he’d probably eat it. I think she’s right.

We had lots of fun at PetSmart. Mommy bought us both our own toy since they were on sale. Kevin got to choose his own toy since it was his birthday. 

We went home and played with our toys. 

I tried to take Kevin’s toy but Mommy told me I had my own and to play with it.

We followed that with a long nap. Birthdays are tiring. 

Then Daddy came home and brought us hamburgers! They were delicious!

My big brother is pretty cool… for an old man. I can’t wait until my birthday in April!!!


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