2016 Snapshot

Hi, there! It’s Karl. It’s been a REALLY long time since I wrote on Kevin and my’s blog. A bunch has happened since then. Most importantly – I became a big brother! I’ve been crazy busy helping Mommy with my new brother. So, to catch you up, I have decided to summarize 2016 in a few pictures and words. So, here’s 2016:


In January, we were still living with Uncle Pablo so I got to play a lot with him! January had a lot of snow… and fun playing in it! January also had Kevin’s birthday. We got to go to Petco and he got to choose a new toy. I was totally jealous!




In February, we had more snow! The big thing that happened was we found out that Kevin and I were going to be big brothers! I wasn’t sure about it at first as I am Mommy’s baby and wasn’t too keen on not being the baby anymore. Mommy soon reassured me that being a big brother was good and that I’d be awesome at it. She also told me that big brothers got more treats. So far true!




In March, I got a new cousin! My cousin Gavin got a new sister. Her name is Kimber. I absolutely love playing with her. We also had Easter. Mommy dressed us up in ties to celebrate. Don’t we look dashing!




In April, I had my first birthday! Birthdays are really cool. I got to go to Petco with Mommy and Kevin. Mommy and I made pupcakes for my birthday. Mommy didn’t like them but I REALLY thought they were great. I can’t wait for my next one! We also found out that Mommy was going to have a little boy. I was going to have a little brother!




In May, we went to the Furry Scurry with Uncle Pablo! It was really cool. We walked around the park and then went to all these tents and they gave us free treats and bones. I wanted to eat them all right away but Mommy made me save some for later (and share with Kevin). May was also spent with lots of cuddles with Mommy so I could feel my little brother kick.




In June, Mommy and Daddy went on a trip so we got to stay at Grandma’s house. Grandma spoiled us and I got to play with Uncle Pablo a lot! It was also Father’s Day. My Daddy’s the best so we got to give him lots of love that day.




In July, Mommy had her last day of work. It was bittersweet. We loved going to work with Mommy and she loved working there. Unfortunately, with my new little brother coming she wasn’t going to be able to work anymore. The good news was she was going to stay home with us ALL THE TIME! She called it something like “Stay-at-home-Mommy.” I didn’t care what she called it – I was enjoying it! In July, we also moved to our first home! I really like this house. It had a big backyard for us to play in. I still love going outside and playing with Kevin and my red ball.




In August, we had our first hailstorm at the house. It looked like  snow, but wasn’t fun like snow. It hurt as it fell from the sky. We also spent August working really hard to get my brother’s room ready for him. We decorated it in Super Heroes. I have to share a room with Kevin, but he gets his own room. I thought it was unfair at first, but I like having Kevin nearby when Mommy and Daddy are gone.




In September, my little brother was born! His name is Jack. I still like calling him my little brother. Makes me feel like a proud big brother. While Mommy was in the hospital we got to stay with Grandma. She spoiled us and told us all about my little brother. When I first met him, it was love at first sight. Kevin liked him too, but wasn’t as in love like me. I want to do everything with my little brother. I especially like helping him during Tummy Time.




In October, we spent most of the month at home with my little brother. He was too little to be able to go out a lot. But that’s ok. Lots of Mommy and Daddy and Little Brother cuddles. Daddy’s birthday was also in October. For Halloween we dressed as Batman. Kevin and I were in the old-school batman costume while my little brother was in the new Batman colors.




In November, we had more cuddles with my little brother. Then we had Thanksgiving. I LOVE Thanksgiving! A whole holiday around eating food! Well, Kevin says it is supposed to be a holiday about being thankful for what we have. But I don’t care. I get to eat a bunch of delicious food!




In December,  we had snow! I enjoyed getting to play in the snow with Kevin. We also had Christmas. Mommy took us to see Santa again. I really don’t like Santa. I think he’s creepy. Anyway, I got a bunch of bones and new stuffed animals for Christmas!



2016 was an awesome year and I really hope that 2017 is going to be another awesome year. Kevin, my Little Brother, and I are going to have some awesome adventures!




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