Snow Day Fun!

Hi, it’s Kevin. Yes, I know it’s not Karl, but I am writing about something awesome – yes, SNOW! I love snow! Yesterday and today it was snowing a bunch! Daddy checked this afternoon and we got about a foot of snow! Karl and Uncle Pablo both love the snow too so we have been asking to go out “potty” a lot recently. (We usually just go out and run and roll in the snow.) I usually go out and run with Karl until he starts to play with Uncle Pablo. Then I go stand on the deck and look for squirrels. It has been so much fun! I hope the snow stays around for a while. Mommy and Daddy don’t want it to though because they both have to go back to work tomorrow. I think they should stay home every day, but Daddy says that dog food isn’t free. Anyway, Mommy took some pictures of us in the snow. Oh, I think I need to go back outside now.



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