Kevin’s 7th birthday

Hi, it’s me, Karl, again. I got to experience a birthday for the first time and I had mixed feelings about it. Kevin’s birthday was actually a week ago, but I’ve been sick so I haven’t had any time to write about it. (BTW being sick is horrible!)

After breakfast that morning, Mommy put a red bandana on Kevin so he would feel special. I was super jealous and tried to take it off of him. Kevin was not too pleased with that. This was followed by naps. I didn’t mind this part because I got to cuddle with Daddy. I love it when Daddy’s home. Daddy plays with me and lets me cuddle when he’s sleeping.


Then Mommy went outside with us and played for  a little. Kevin’s frenemy next door was out so he was barking and running along the fence with her. Kevin loves doing that. Sometimes I will run and bark at him, but I just went and stayed with Mommy.

Soon after, Daddy woke up so Kevin got to open his presents. I thought this was like Christmas so I tried to open one too, but Daddy said that it is Kevin’s birthday so I don’t get any presents. That made me sad so I just tried to take Kevin’s presents after he opened them. Grandma gave Kevin a stuffed squirrel. I was super jealous and kept trying to take it away. Kevin loves that squirrel. In fact, he loves all squirrels. He loves to chase them outside.

After opening presents, Daddy and Mommy took us to Petco. Mommy told me that when you have a birthday you can go to Petco and choose whatever toy you want and they will buy it for you. That sounds cool. When we walked into Petco I headed right towards the toys. I was going to choose an awesome one! But, Mommy went the opposite way – to the groomers. Mommy and Daddy tortured us by getting our nails done. While we were getting our nails done, Daddy went over to the treat bar and picked out a whole pound of dog treats for us! I love their dog treats, especially the Oreos. Yum! After getting treats we were finally heading towards the toys. I immediately loved every toy that Daddy picked up. They even had a big Lambie! I wanted that one and decided to take it with me. Mommy then explained that only the birthday boy gets to buy a toy. Once again, Kevin got the good stuff.

On the way home, I started pouting. This birthday stuff stinks if it isn’t your birthday. Why don’t I get presents too? It only seems fair. Mommy told me that my birthday is in April and I will get presents then. That’s ok, I guess, but I want presents now!


Kevin chose the birthday lunch spot so we went to Taco Bell and got cheesy rollups.

We took more naps that afternoon until we had dinner Grandma ordered pizza for dinner! That is Kevin’s favorite food in the whole world. He was running and moving all over the place. It was pretty funny. Since it was Kevin’s birthday, he got a whole slice to himself! I had to split a slice with Uncle Pablo.


After dinner, Grandma gave all three of us a new toy. It is a super long leopard. I loved it! I tried to keep it to myself but I got in trouble. So, I went over and played with it with Uncle Pablo.


IMG_20160121_185757813Soon all of us were tired and settled down. I went over and cuddled with Kevin. Even though he got a bunch of cool stuff today, he is my brother and I love him.


Birthdays are so tiring, but I am so glad that my brother is here. Even though he’s an old man, he’s still pretty cool for a seven-year-old.



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