Fun Day with Mommy!

Hi, it’s Karl, again. Kevin is too tired to post today so I thought I would do it for him. Today Mommy had the day off and spent it with us. We had a lot of fun.

It all started off with us playing outside for a whole hour! We had so much fun! It started off with all of us (Uncle Pablo, Kevin and I) checking out the yard for any intruders. Once we knew that no bad people were there, Uncle Pablo and I went over to an icy part of the yard and started eating ice. I love eating snow and ice. My big brother taught me that snow is awesome and Uncle Pablo taught me that it tastes delicious! (At least the white snow)

Uncle Pablo got bored doing that after a few minutes and decided to go rat around in the big snow pile near the deck. He was so into rolling around that he rolled himself under the deck. Oops! He got stuck. I was laughing at him and Kevin got mad and told me to stop. Mommy had to come over and help him get out. It really was funny. Even Pablo was laughing after that.

Then Uncle Pablo and I decided to play Star Wars with sticks. I grabbed a medium sized stick that was straight and solid. Uncle Pablo chose one that was big and had a lot of little branches coming out of it. We started to play and then I realized that I liked his stick better. Since I wanted his stick I went over and took it. That turned our game into a game of chase. One of my favorite games!

After a few minutes of that, Mommy grabbed my Jolly Ball that I got for Christmas and threw it for us. We ran and chased each other with the ball for almost twenty minutes. Mommy would occasionally throw it for us to chase. Even Kevin had fun chasing after the ball!

After we were done playing outside, we came inside and took a nap while we waited for Daddy to get up. Once Daddy got up, he suggested that we go get pizza. PIZZA!?! YAY! Kevin loves pizza. I love pizza. Uncle Pablo loves pizza. Mommy and Daddy love pizza. Everyone loves pizza! Daddy called in the order while Mommy put our leashes on. We hopped in the car and drove over to go pick it up.

Once we got home we ate as much as Mommy and Daddy would give us (which is never enough – especially pizza). Then the three of us pups cuddled on the bed until Daddy had to go to work. I really love it when both Mommy and Daddy are home. I love to spend time with them.

Well, that’s today’s adventure. I can’t wait to see the next exciting thing that happens. Next week is Kevin’s birthday. He loves birthdays so I know awesome things must happen then.


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