Back to Daycare!

Hi, everyone, it’s me – Karl – again. Since the holidays are now over, Mommy decided it was time for us to go back to daycare. So, on Friday Mommy took us to Daycare. This is our first time here in Colorado and Mommy’s schedule is different so we got to stay for longer this time.

Driving there I was nervous. Kevin was super excited. I’m not sure why though. All he does there is walk around and be the “fun police.” I, on the other hand, am the one who plays the whole time. Have to get Mommy’s money’s worth right?

We pulled up to Daycare and it was still snowing outside. Mommy walked us around in the snow so we could go potty before Daycare.

When we got inside, we got on our Daycare collars and were sent into the room. I’m glad that Kevin and I are in the same room. Since I am about the same size as Kevin now I didn’t think that we would be separated. I was very nervous at first and kinda stayed to myself.

We then had our naptime and treats. When we were woken up to play again, I found a new friend. He is a Boxer! He was about my size and we had a wonderful time playing for a few hours. When he left I really didn’t have anyone to play with so I decided to pick on my big brother and play with him. That worked for a few minutes. Kevin was a fuddy-dud and said I was embarrassing him. So I went up to the staff members and got some loving from them.

Soon enough it was time for dinner. We eat in crates at Daycare just like we do at home. Mommy added some treats to our food because we are special. Once we ate our food, Mommy came to pick us up. I was sad to leave but ready to go home. I slept the whole way home. Kevin slept part of the way home, too!

I loved our first day of Daycare and cannot wait until Mommy takes us back this week!


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