Happy New Year!

2015 is now over. It was the best year ever! Well, it’s the only year that I have ever lived, but that doesn’t matter. 2015 was full of moving to Colorado, my first Thanksgiving, my first Christmas, my first Puppuccino, and so many other things. I am thankful that I have been able to spend 2015 with my Mommy, Daddy, and Kevin. I love them so much!

Last night was New Years Eve. Mommy says that you are supposed to stay up until 12:00 to ring in the new year. I’m not sure what “ring in the new year” means, but I didn’t make it to midnight. Last night Mommy and Daddy went to go see Star Wars again and got back around 10:00. That’s when Kevin and I went to sleep. It’s tiring being a puppy. I mean, I played with Uncle Pablo a lot yesterday AND played with Kevin and Daddy and Mommy. That’s a lot of hard work to do for an almost 9-month old! Anyway, Mommy was still up at midnight and took a picture of us. I look so adorable, right?

2016 should be awesome. Kevin’s birthday is this month and in a few months it will be my first birthday! Look out 2016, because here I come!


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