My First Snow

Hi, everyone! It’s Karl again. I wanted to tell you about what happened yesterday – it snowed! I had never seen snow before but Mommy and Kevin have been telling me all about it. When we moved to Colorado, Mommy told Kevin and I that we would see more snow. Kevin got super excited. He absolutely loves snow! So this got me thinking, “If Kevin loves it that much then I’m going to love it even more!” (You see, Kevin is an old fart man and gets grumpy about a lot. We like to call him the “Fun Police” but that’s a story for another time.)

Anyways, as we went to bed on Tuesday night, Mommy told me that when we woke up there would probably be snow on the ground. Just like a kid on Christmas (which I don’t really know what that is yet, but Kevin told me it is really awesome), I went to bed right away and slept like a puppy (which I still am). The next morning, Mommy woke me up and told me it was time to go out and see the snow. Kevin and I ran upstairs to the door and waited on Mommy (she can be so slow sometimes!). I looked out the door and saw that the outside had been turned white! White stuffing was falling from the sky in little bits! It looked like the stuffing I rip out of my toys but this stuffing was wet and cold. “SNOW!” Kevin was super excited.IMG_20151111_054246220

Mommy opened the door and Kevin dashed out the door and jumped right into a big pile of snow. I wasn’t sure about this white stuff so I walked out cautiously. At first, I didn’t want to go out in the yard but Kevin ran back to me and told me to hurry up. He was running around like a little puppy. He really likes this stuff.


So, I gave it a try and went out with Kevin into the yard. Hmm, this stuff is cool (literally). This stuff lets you slide around. You can jump in this. The more I walked and ran in the snow the more I loved it! I started running around like Kevin. We ran together. I tackled him. We jumped off the wooden wall into the snow. This is so much fun!


That’s when Mommy called us back in. “But wait, Mommy, I’m not done. This is amazing!” Mommy made us come inside and warm up. She said something about how it was 4:30 in the morning and people were still sleeping. Who could be sleeping now?!? It’s snowing!!! Mommy told us that we could go out later when Uncle Pablo got up. I wanted to race upstairs and wake him up, but Mommy would let me. We went back downstairs and I took a nap to concerve my energy while Mommy got ready.

The next time we went out, Uncle Pablo was up! I love playing with him, but in the snow it’s… well, epic! I think that’s the right word for something totally awesome.) We were able to wrestle and play tag. Uncle Pablo showed me that the snow tastes really good and that it is fun to roll around in.







We played  in the snow several more times throughout the day. Every time I came in I wanted to go back out. Mommy says that most of the snow should melt today. That makes me a little sad, but I get to play in it today! So my first snow was awesome. I love snow and can’t wait until it snows again soon!


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