Taking Kevin to the Bank

Hi, it’s me – Karl – again. Today is Mommy’s day off so we had to do some errands with her. Mommy needed to go to the bank to get some money out. I asked Mommy if Kevin and I could come so I could show Kevin how awesome the bank is. (They have a treat container in the window!) Mommy agreed and we got in the car and headed to the bank. Kevin and I love car rides. Kevin sticks his head out the window and enjoys the fresh air. I like to start off with my nose out the window, but I usually like lying between the seats on the cup holders. Today was no different. As soon as I saw that we were pulling up to the bank, I jumped up and ran over on Mommy’s lap. Mommy was not too happy about this – something about that she was driving and I’m too big now. I’m not big. I’m only 30 pounds. That’s not big. Kevin is 55 pounds. That is big. Uncle Pablo is 130 pounds. That’s REALLY big. My little 30 pounds isn’t big at all.


Anyway, we pulled up to the bank and Mommy talked to the lady. Mommy signed a piece of paper and they gave her money. That’s super easy! I want to do that! I need to learn how to use a pen to write. Maybe they will just take a paw print instead? I could order pizza with Kevin. Yum! Oh, I digress. Kevin and I waited patiently for Mommy to get done. The lady sent two BIG treats through for us! Yay! I hurried and swallowed ate mine and went over to eat Kevin’s treat. Mommy stopped me. She says that it’s not nice to take other dog’s treats. I say that if it’s on the floor it is fair game.



After leaving the bank, Mommy took us to Starbucks. Yay! Mommy was excited because today is the first day she can order pumpkin flavored drinks. I tried to order pumpkin in my Puppuccino, but I guess the guy didn’t hear me. We had to wait a minute for Mommy’s drink to finish so the nice guy gave us our Puppuccinos to eat while we wait! I devoured mine and licked the cup  clean. I ate so quickly that I got whipped cream everywhere in the car.I even got it on my tail! Mommy wasn’t too happy so I tried to help her clean up. She had to use several napkins to clean me up. Kevin ate his, but he ate it slower. Kevin says that he likes to eat slowly – something about enjoying his food. My philosophy is this about food: The faster you eat, the more you can eat! We headed back home once Mommy got her drink. This was a great way to spend Mommy’s day off.



Treats from the bank + Puppuccino = one happy puppy!




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