First Rabies Shot

Hi, it’s me, Karl, again. Today I got my first Rabies shot! Let me tell you all about it. It all started with leaving Kevin home with Daddy. You see, Daddy was sleeping and Kevin likes to stay with him and make sure Daddy has a sleeping buddy has someone to protect him. So, Mommy and I left without Kevin. It feels weird when it is just me and Mommy (or Daddy). I don’t have my big brother there to protect me. I was nervous getting into the car. On top of that we were going to the animal shelter to get my shot since it was free. The last time I was there was when Mommy and Daddy were adopting me. I don’t want to go back there. I love my home. Mommy said it would be ok and that she wouldn’t leave me there ever. That made me feel a little better.

On the ride there I was super nervous and was pacing in the car. Mommy told me it was ok and told me that if I lie down it would make me feel better. I tried it and it helped some. I really wished that Kevin and Daddy were there too. It then started to rain. These black things kept coming across our windshield. I was curious about them and asked Mommy. She said they were windshield wipers and that they help Mommy see while she drives. Oh, ok. I still think they are pretty cool. I liked watching them. It helped me relax.


Mommy pulled into the parking lot. I didn’t remember this place that well. When Mommy and Daddy took me home I was still waking up from the sedation from my surgery. Mommy walked me through the grass so I could go before we went inside. I walked well on the leash until we got to the door. Once Mommy reached the door I froze up. I didn’t want to go inside! Mommy picked me up (quite a feat now that I weigh almost 30 pounds!) and carried me in.


We talked to the lady at the desk and she said she would need to see my teeth first. As she was putting on her gloves, she said that I had to be a big boy to get my shots. I don’t think of myself as a big boy yet, but I am starting to get my adult teeth. The lady said I was old enough and asked for my information. She looked me up on the computer and asked if my name was still “Pooh Bear”. My name is Karl now I told her, but she didn’t hear me. Mommy showed her my tag since she tried to spell it C-A-R-L. Yuck! I like my K. It is just like my big brothers’ name! Mommy put me up on the counter so she could see me better. The lady got a shot out from a cabinet and came over and stabbed me near my tail. Ouch! That didn’t feel good! I was waiting for my treats that I always get with shots, but there were none. I was sad. I went through this torture for nothing?!? Mommy whispered into my ear that we would stop by McDonalds and get ice cream since I was good. The shot lady gave us my Rabies tag and told me I could go home now. I was ready to leave! I dashed out the door. Mommy tried to get me to walk through the grass, but I was headed for the car. Once we got to the car it took Mommy forever a few minutes to get the keys out. I was very impatient. I hopped right into the car and was ready to leave. On the way to McDonalds, I curled up in the seat and took a nap. Getting shots is very tiring!


Once we got to McDonalds, Mommy got an ice cream cone for us to share. She held it out to me and I started eating it. A few seconds later and all the ice cream was gone. I accidentally ate all the ice cream and left Mommy only the cone. Oops. Puppy mistakes, right? Mommy didn’t get angry with me. She just smiled. Maybe it was because of the ice cream all over my face.


Mommy stopped by the bank on the way home. The nice lady gave me TWO treats! She kept talking to me at the window. She told me that I need to come to the bank more often. Sure, I’ll come to get free treats! I’ll have to bring Kevin with me next time. I think he’d like the bank.


We drove home and I got to see Kevin again. Oh, how I missed him! I shared all my tiring adventures to him and then fell asleep cuddled up with him. Getting shots is not for the faint at heart!



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