The Pet Pantry

Hi, it’s Kevin. My favorite thing other than my family is food. I love most kinds of food (unless it is healthy for you like nasty lettuce or veggies). Mommy found a place that delivers dog food to our door for free! (Mommy has to pay for the food though.) The Pet Pantry has the same brands of food that we eat. The dog food was cheaper than at Petco! Mommy said that we will still go to Petco for treats and fun trips. That’s a relief! I love going to Petco and trying all their treats.

It was super easy for Mommy to order. She went to this website and requested a sample for us to try the food first. They sent some good sized bags of different food and some treats for us. We ate the sample bags and we were ready to buy our first bag from them! We went online and ordered our dog food. We got a confirmation email right away.

The food was delivered the next day! They put the bag of food on our doorstep for us. No more helping Mommy carry it up three flights of stairs!


Since this was our first order, they gave us an adorable reusable bag filled with some goodies! The bag contained some more treats, a measuring cup, some boring brochures for Mommy, a magnet, and some bags that we can hand out to other people to let them know how awesome The Pet Pantry is! Mommy has been handing them out to the dogs that we watch.



The best part about it is that when you request a sample and then order, you get $5 off your first bag! So don’t forget to put that a friend recommended you  – my mommy, Amanda Duncan. You will get the discount and we get one too!


The Pet Pantry is Kevin-approved. The Pet Pantry is Karl-approved.



The Pet Pantry is Kevin and Karl-approved. (And it’s Mommy approved!)



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