Taking Big Brother to the Vet

Hi, there! It’s Karl. Today Mommy took Kevin and I to the vet. This time it wasn’t my appointment. Today was my big brother’s annual visit to make sure he is healthy. I already know my big brother is amazing and so he has to be healthy. But, I’m not going to refuse a ride in the car plus treats from the vet! On the way to the vet it was cool enough to have the windows rolled down. I’m just now starting to realize how awesome sticking your head out the window is. Mommy won’t let me stick my head completely out the window yet – something about falling out of the car and getting hurt.



When we were almost to the vet, we had to stop because some big thing was blocking the road. Kevin said it was a big truck that carried construction machines (whatever that is). It was huge! I enjoyed getting to watch it.


Once we got to the vet we checked in and waited for the vet to call Kevin’s name. In the waiting room was a sweet chocolate lab mix. I wanted to play with her, but Mommy said the vet isn’t a great place to play. (I think every place is the best place to play!) A nice lady called Kevin’s name and we went to the examination room. I went up and started being really nice to her because I know they all have treats. She didn’t give me a treat but pet me instead. That’s ok too. She talked with Mommy to make sure there wasn’t anything that we were worried about. Then she took Kevin to the back to weigh him and give him his heartworm medicine. I tried to go with them, but Mommy made me stay back with her. I guess someone needs to stay with Mommy so she doesn’t get lonely. I don’t mind doing that! While we were waiting I was checking out the room. I never realized that the room had this interesting chair. It had wheels and moved when you touched it! I ran away when it started attacking me. Mommy put the chair back and I sat with her to protect her from the evil chair.



In no time at all, Kevin was back. While we were waiting for the vet to come in, I played with Kevin. He didn’t really want to play though. He doesn’t really like the vet – something about a snake bite. I have never met a snake before, but I know it must be super evil and powerful because it hurt my big brother.


The vet came in and I ran up to her so she could look at me…only she said that it wasn’t me she came to see. I guess I was so used to having a trip to the vet be about me. I went over and cuddled with Mommy while the vet listened to Kevin’s heart and made sure he was ok. She gave Kevin and I treats while she gave Kevin shots. It’s hard to be moral support while my big brother’s getting shots.

The nice vet said that Mommy had two very healthy boys. She said that Kevin was too healthy and that we made it easy for them. I’m not sure how you can be too healthy, but she was smiling so I liked that. Kevin weighs 55.4 pounds. I’m catching up quick! Only 30 more pounds to go until I am a big boy like my brother. I really hope that someday I will be as awesome as Kevin. Mommy tells me that I will be but it just takes time. She says to enjoy being a puppy while I am still little. I guess that is why she likes to give me lots of hugs…wait, she does that to Kevin too. Guess it’s just because she loves us so much! As Mommy was paying the people at the vet, some nice ladies came over and were petting us and giving us treats. I think going to the vet is so much fun!

Because we were so good at the vet, Mommy gave Kevin the option of McDonalds or Starbucks. He chose Starbucks. I’m glad because I really wanted another Puppuccino. There were a bunch of birds playing near the menu. Kevin was really interested in them.


The guy at the window at Starbucks said that we were really cute even though he says he is a cat person (whatever that means). Mommy made us wait until we got home to enjoy our treats so I licked her drink until we got home. She didn’t have whipped cream on it like Daddy always has on his drinks.





Once we got out of the car we were able to enjoy them. Mommy finally got us our own ones! It was so delicious! I finished mine and then went on over to check Kevin’s. Mommy let me carry the cups home.





Going to the vet is so much fun! I can’t wait to go again!


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