My First Puppuccino

Hi, everyone! It’s Karl and I want to tell you about something that is super delicious – Starbucks Puppuccino! What is it you may ask? Well, Mommy says that it is whipped cream in a cup, but I say it is heaven in a cup! It is so delicious that I tried to eat the cup to get every last taste of it.


The best thing about them is that they are free. Yep, you heard me right – FREE! As in completely affordable to puppies like me who don’t have an allowance. (Mommy says I have to do work to earn an allowance. I think there is some kind of labor law against working puppies. If not there should be. Puppies should only have to play!)

Let me tell you about my trip to get my first Puppiccino: So Kevin and I were sleeping away one morning and Daddy called Mommy and said he needed coffee. (Yay! I like it when Daddy needs us to bring something because that means not only a car ride, but we get to go see Daddy! Have I told you that I love my Daddy? Yes, oh. Well I don’t care how many times  I say it – I love my Daddy!) Anyway, so we leash up and hit the road to go to Starbucks. After we ordered Daddy’s frappuccino, Mommy asked about a Puppuccino and the lady said we could have one because we were so cute. (Of course we are! Who wouldn’t love us?!?)


Once we got it, Mommy said we had to wait until we got to Daddy’s work to eat it because she was driving. It felt like forever! I mean it’s a good ten minute drive there. That is a long time for a puppy!


I couldn’t wait any more so I took some of Daddy’s whipped cream. His had caramel on it. YUM! (I wonder if Starbucks makes a caramel puppuccino?) Mommy told me I couldn’t eat Daddy’s. I was sad. Why can’t I eat Daddy’s? He had a lot on his drink.


The trip to Daddy’s work didn’t last much longer and we were there soon. Then my favorite part – even better than Puppuccinos – seeing Daddy!!! Daddy couldn’t pet us long because he had to go back down to work. My Daddy is a very busy Daddy, but he is awesome at his job. I’m glad he is my Daddy!

Once Daddy was gone, Mommy let us have the Puppuccino. She only got one because of something about me being a puppy and not needing that much dairy. (I don’t agree, but I know you don’t argue with Mommy. Bad things happen when you argue with Mommy.)

Kevin got to go first to get some. Then it was my turn to taste heaven! It was so good that I didn’t want to let my brother have another turn. Mommy let us eat it at the same time. Normally Kevin doesn’t let me eat when he does, but this stuff was sooo good that he couldn’t take his tongue out of it!


Once it was gone (in Mommy’s eyes), Mommy gave me the cup to keep licking. I licked it the whole ride home. I even tried to eat the cup to see if it tasted as wonderful. It didn’t.

IMG_20150729_103733582  IMG_20150729_103946061_HDR IMG_20150729_104056338

I was exhausted by the time we got home. It’s a lot of work enjoying something as awesome as a Puppuccino.


I cannot wait until Daddy needs coffee again. That means more Puppuccinos for me!!!


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