Losing My First Teeth!

Hi, it’s Karl again. I wanted to tell you some exciting news – I lost my first two teeth! It’s hard to believe but I’m finally old enough to start getting my adult teeth. I hope Mommy and Daddy don’t assume I’ll be acting like an adult yet, because I love being a puppy!

Here is a picture of me missing just one tooth:


Here is what my mouth looks like now with TWO teeth missing:


Since I’m teething and it can be painful at times, Mommy is trying to help with the pain and chewing. She is giving me a lot of bones – YAY! – and toys that I can chew on. The other thing she gives me is a frozen rag. Mommy got a rag wet and froze it overnight. When she gave it to me I was excited! I chewed on it for about an hour. It helps a lot!



Mommy has also been rubbing and massaging my mouth a lot. She is just awesome! I love my Mommy. I wonder how long it will be before I lose my next tooth?


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