15-week Checkup

Hi, it’s me Karl again. Today Mommy and I went to the vet for a check-up. Kevin stayed home and slept with Daddy. This was my first time going somewhere without Kevin. It was pretty scary at first, but I had Mommy with me so it wasn’t too bad. On the way there, I got to sit in the front seat all by myself! It was nice to be able to stretch out and take up the whole seat.



When we got to the vet there were other dogs in the waiting room. Normally Kevin checks out the dogs first and then I say hi. Since Kevin wasn’t there I was too afraid to go near them. I sat on Mommy’s lap until a nice lady called my name. Mommy and I worked on obedience while we waited for the vet – sit, shake, please, down. I am really good at all of those except for down. I don’t like laying down.


Then the vet came in. She was really nice and gave me treats…and a shot. Then they took me into the back and weighted me. I am a healthy 20.8 pound boy! I was so good that they gave me a bone! I chewed on it the whole way home. When I got home, I bragged about it to Kevin. He was really jealous. Mommy gave him one of our bones because he was good for Daddy.


I would go to the vet every day if that meant getting a bone!


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