I LOVE the Dog Park!

Hi, it’s Karl again! I just wanted to share with you some pictures from Kevin and me’s trip to the dog park. I love having a dog park at our apartment complex. I love it even more when it is just Kevin and me! It’s a big play yard for just us! YAY!


It has been sooo hot recently. Sometimes I feel like I’m just going to melt into a puppy puddle. Thankfully our dog park is shaded so it isn’t usually to hot there. Today was nice and cool. I got to run and play and have a lot of fun! We started off our usual way of just wandering around and seeing if there’s anything new.


Then I decided to pounce on Kevin… but I wanted to do it by surprise. So here’s my simple four-step battle plan on attacking big brothers:

1)Lock in on your target.


2)Pretend you are “too tired” and lay down.


3)Wait patiently for Kevin to walk closer.




It was very effective! You should try it on your big brothers too. Not sure if it works on little brothers. Kevin’s never tried it on me.

After being humiliated attacked, Kevin decided to go over and start digging a hole. I’m not sure what he was digging for, but I went over to supervise. Not to brag… but let’s just say I am a pretty awesome supervisor.



After some more running and tag games, Mommy said it was time to go home. Even though I was having fun, I was ready to head home and get some water. I was tired. I was so tired that I collapsed on the nice cool floor the moment we got inside.


It felt soo wonderful! I could stay here forever… Wait! A treat? Sure!


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