The visitors are coming!

Hi, it’s me Karl again. Yesterday morning Mommy told me that we were going to have something called visitors over. Visitors? Sounded like some kind of alien to me. I think I have met one before (Kevin says it was just a weird person, but I’m not so sure). Kevin got excited so I did too. I do most of what Kevin does. He’s so smart. Maybe it’s because he’s an old geezer so old. I asked Kevin what a visitor was and he said it was when people come over to pet them and play. Play?!? Ok, I am definitely thinking I like visitors now.

Anyway, Mommy had to do a bunch of cleaning so Kevin and I had no choice but to play. We wrestled and played tag. Then Mommy joined in and started throwing a ball for us. Normally it is just me who runs after it, but this time Kevin joined in. He was running around the house like a maniac! Mommy would throw the ball and we would both chase after it. Kevin would usually get it because he’s so fast. I would try to get the ball from him, but he didn’t want to share. So I just barked in his face until Mommy threw the ball again. It was tons of fun!


Then Mommy took us to Petco because I was out of dog food. Horrible, I know. But, it does give us a chance to go to Petco! Rides…treats…people petting us…treats…oh, it is just wonderful! Petco is my favorite place to go! The best part of the ride was that I am finally big enough to look out the window by myself. There are a lot of really interesting things you see when riding in the car. I saw a guy that had a HUGE stick! He was standing by the road. Kevin says that he was trying to get people to go to a certain store. I think I’d like that job – holding a stick and getting paid for it!

IMG_20150716_095746547 (1)

After Petco, we came home and rested before the visitors came. We were both so tired from playing and going to Petco.


That night the door bell rang. Kevin and I sprung into action, barking at whoever or whatever was at our door. Mommy opened the door and a nice lady walked in. She came in and pet us and talked with us. So this is a visitor? I think I might like them. Well, five more times later, I was getting sick of these visitors. They were standing around talking and laughing. They were so noisy! I didn’t like it anymore so I went and hid behind Mommy. I like visitors, but only one or two. I ended up laying on Mommy’s feet all evening because I knew I would be safe there. Once they left, I was relieved. I went and cuddled with Mommy. She told Kevin and I that we were such good boys and gave us a treat.

Mommy says we are having visitors over again tomorrow. I’m hoping it is only one or two. Visitors are really exhausting!


One thought on “The visitors are coming!

  1. Ah, socializing! Smokey (King and Imperial Master of All He Surveys from the Sunshine Spot on the Sofa) agrees with Kevin: visitors are fine in ones and twos. Any more than that is cause for worry.

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