Stick Addiction

Hi, my name is Karl and I’m addicted to sticks. I absolutely love sticks! I would have one in my mouth 24/7 if Mommy would let me bring the sticks inside. Instead I’m stuck with playing with stuffed animals inside. When Mommy and Daddy take me on walks I always pick up a stick and carry it with me. As some old famous dude once said, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” I like to interpret it as “Bark loudly and always carry the biggest stick you can find.”


One place that has a bunch of sticks is the dog park. There are TONS of sticks there. It’s awesome.


Kevin always rolls his eyes at me when I pick up a stick. Maybe it’s because I accidentally hit him with the stick a lot. Sometimes it is not an accident. he he. But I’m a puppy so I don’t know what I’m doing, right?


I even have a stock pile of sticks by our front door. Since I can’t take them inside, I’m going to collect them there. At least I try to. Mommy and Daddy said that we can’t keep too many of them there and will put some of them up.


Some people would call this an addiction, but I call it a love.

Hi, my name is Karl and I just love sticks.


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