Visiting Daddy at Work

It’s Karl again. Today Kevin and I got to do something even Kevin hasn’t done before – we got to go visit Daddy at work! We didn’t get to go inside his building, something about no dogs allowed inside. On the way down there we stopped to get Daddy some lunch. I love going through the drive thru – the hand out food to you! Mommy let us get a fry – YUM! Then we drove down to go see Daddy. I have been sitting on Mommy’s lap as she drives, but I was sleepy and slept on the cupholders between the two seats. Kevin was in his seat looking out the window.


When we got there, Daddy came out and pet us! I tried to climb out the window to go with him, but Mommy said no. I guess I could go with Mommy – she still had fries left over. We gave Daddy his lunch and enjoyed the extra time seeing him. I just love my Daddy! He is tough on me, but he is so much fun to play with. He’s my favorite Daddy ever!

When we pulled away I was sad, but I know I will see Daddy when he gets off of work soon. Seeing Daddy made me tired, so I went over and laid with Kevin in his seat.  When we got home, I jumped on the couch and sprawled out. It’s naptime!



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