12 Week Vet Checkup

Hi, It’s mr Karl again. I went to the vet on Friday for a checkup and some shots. Last time I was at the vet I was pretty oblivious to everything. This time I was completely aware and, well, let’s be honest, scared. I had a good experience at time, but I don’t think I remembered it when I went this time. I was thankful that Mommy and Kevin came with me again. I knew that I was safe with them. When we got there we got a treat from the front desk and waited our turn. After a few minutes, they called my name and we went in the back. The nice nurse came and gave me treats and took me in the back to weigh. I weigh 15 pounds now! When Mommy and Daddy got me from the shelter I weighed only 8 pounds. It makes sense because I’m getting so big! Then the vet came back in and said that I looked healthy and she would see me in three weeks for my next and final puppy checkup. I wonder how big I will be then! In the meantime, I’ve got a lot to eat.


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