First Package from Grandma

It’s Karl and I wanted to tell you all about my first package from my Grandma. Grandma lives out in Colorado with Grandpa and Uncle Pablo. I’ve never met them, but Kevin says they are super nice. We walked up to the office to get the package and brought it home. I was hesitant to check it out because it was bigger than me. Kevin ran right up to the package and helped Mommy open it.



Once it was opened, Kevin grabbed a toy from it and ran to go play with it on the couch. I crept up to the box to look inside. Mommy pulled out an Ewok just like Kevin’s. I was super excited. And it SQUEAKS! SQUEAK! SQUEAK! SQUEAK! I love squeaky toys! Mommy finished taking things out of the box – Admiral Akbar, a Kong bunny, two bags of treats and a Petco giftcard so we could get treats from the Treat Bar. (I love the Treat Bar! Lots of yummy treats!)



My grandma is so nice! I hope I get to meet her soon. Kevin says that when Grandma and Grandpa come they take you to the dog park and Petco and give you lots of treats. Sounds like some awesome people to me! Thank you Grandma for the awesome toys!


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