Treats, Treats, & More Treats!

Hi, it’s Kevin. I want to tell you about something I almost love more than my Mommy and Daddy – TREATS! Treats are delicious and are even better than my little brother. Do you know what’s better than a bag of treats? 21 BAGS OF TREATS! And even better (according to Mommy) than that is 21 FREE BAGS OF TREATS! Yes, you heard me correctly – 21 FREE bags of treats! Mommy is amazing and got all of them for free! Mommy went to a grocery store called Hairy Treats Harris Teeter and she gave them some pieces of paper that she cut out and they gave her all these bags of treats! WOW! Sounds like a good deal to me!

Here is what Mommy got me Karl and me:

Mommy is amazing! Karl and I tried to convince Mommy that we needed to eat them all right now, but she said we needed to finish the bags of treats we have open now. I can’t wait to eat all these yummy treats!


2 thoughts on “Treats, Treats, & More Treats!

  1. My two best product testers happen to be my dogs, and i’ll be covering a bunch of dog treats, toys, products in addition to human stuff. Come check out my blog/ subscribe if you’re interested!

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