Trip to the Dog Park

Hi, everyone! It’s Karl again. I just love Sundays! I love that Mommy takes us to the dog park on Sunday mornings. Today we went to the dog park at the end of our morning walk. I was a lot more confident this time because I know what the dog park is. When we got inside, Kevin took off and I darted after him. We had loads of fun running and barking and chasing each other.

IMG_20150628_094112415 IMG_20150628_094110488 IMG_20150628_094156423_HDR

That is until we saw him. Who is him? Well, his name is Cosmos. Black and Brown. Mixed breed. Not quite as big as Kevin but bigger than me. He was walking by the dog park with his mommy and his mommy brought him in to play with us. I was really excited for him to come in. I couldn’t wait to meet him and his mommy. Once they got into the park, we sniffed and then Kevin and Cosmos took off running like lunatics around the dog park. I used this as an opportunity to get his mommy to pet me. She was really nice and pet me. Then I decided I wanted to try to play. I started towards Kevin and Cosmos and they came right towards me. Kevin barrelled into me and knocked me flat on my back. I was scared and ran to Mommy. She picked me up and held me. Mommy told me that everything was going to be ok. I watched them for a few minutes from the safety of Mommy’s arms. Then she put me down and told me to try again. What? Was she crazy? Sure enough, the boys came racing back and knocked me over again. That was it. I was ready to go home. I ran over to the gate and cowered by it to let Mommy know I wanted to leave. She made me wait for three more minutes for Kevin and Cosmos to get done playing. I did not like this whole playing with big dogs things. I like playing with my brother. He’s gentle. We said goodbye to Cosmos and his Mommy. As we were walking home Mommy told me that I would probably like playing with other dogs when I was bigger just like Kevin. I hope she’s right. I did NOT like getting run over. I hope next time we go there will be either no puppies to play with or nice gentle ones.


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