Sweet Potato Chews

Hi, everyone! It’s Karl again. Mommy made these DELICIOUS treats that are amazing! Mommy was on the computer looking at pictures (she says it’s called Pinterest) and found a recipe for chews for puppies like me. She decided to try them out. The only thing you need to make them are sweet potatoes. Mommy used 4, but it made a lot of treats (YAY!!!!). I got to help her make them. Mommy says I’m a good assistant chef like my big brother. I let Mommy do all the cutting though as my paws are too small.

Here’s how we made the treats: First, I helped Mommy wash the potatoes off. Then Mommy cut the potatoes lengthwise into strips of about 1/4 inch wide. Then I helped Mommy put them on the baking sheet (and ate one!). Now comes the hardest part. We cooked them in the oven (250 degrees, Mommy says) for THREE HOURS (turning halfway)! THREE WHOLE HOURS! I had to wait to enjoy the yummy treats. Ugh. It was sheer torture! When the three hours were up, I still couldn’t have any because they needed to cool off on a cooling rack. After they were cooled they looked like this:

IMG_20150624_052238154Kevin and I sat really well and looked super cute so Mommy would give us a try. (Sorry for the mess, I was playing when Mommy told me they were done.)

IMG_20150624_052539521We got to try them out. They were AWESOME! I absolutely loved them! Kevin, on the other hand, wants to like them but can’t seem to get over the taste. He let me have his! What an awesome brother I have!


You should try to make them too as they are super delicious. If you do, please post a picture of you eating them so I can convince Kevin that they really are yummy.


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