First Trip to the Dog Park

Hi, this is me, Kevin. Yes, this is my first time posting, but I wanted to tell you about my little brother’s first trip to the dog park. I love going to the dog park and have asked Mommy if we could go, but she said that my little brother needed to be bigger before we went. Karl didn’t know what a dog park was and was scared. He is such a scaredy-cat. I explained that it was just a place outside where we could run around and play without leashes. Karl said that sounded fun. He likes anything to to with fun or playing. He wears me out with all his playing.

On our morning walk this morning Mommy said we could go. YAY! I was super excited! We walked to the dog park and went inside. There are two gates at our dog park to make sure that puppies don’t get out. I know that once inside the first one, Mommy takes off my leash so when she opens the second gate I can take off and have fun. Karl wasn’t too sure about the dog park. He didn’t want to go through the second gate, but Mommy finally coaxed him inside. Once inside, he stayed near Mommy for a few minutes.


He finally got braver and started following me around. We checked out the dog park together and then played a little. I would run and Karl would chase after me. Then I chased after him. He didn’t like that. He just wanted to chase me. We took a break because it was hot and rechecked the dog park. I’m so glad our dog park is shaded. It made it not too hot.


Karl went over and chewed on a tree branch. I don’t know what is with that kid and his obsession with branches and sticks.


Anyway, while we were there, Mommy decided to get some training done. We worked on come and sit. I like training time because that means free treats. I know all the commands because I’m so awesome. Sometimes it seems redundant to keep training, but I enjoy the treats.


After some training and more playing, I got tired and signaled Mommy that it was time to go. My signal for Mommy is that I go stand near the gate and look at her. Mommy then called Karl over and we put our leashes on. We walked home and enjoyed some nice cool water. After all that playing, I’m ready for a nap.



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