Mixed Feelings about Cleaning

Hi, there. It’s me, Karl, again. This afternoon Mommy said that we needed to spend some time cleaning up the house. Today we picked up the house, vacuumed it, cleaned out our kennels, cleaned the kitchen, and emptied trash cans.

Picking up the house was very confusing. Why was Mommy putting up all my toys in my toy box? I was playing with them… just not at that moment. I pulled them out as she put them back. I thought it was a fun game, but Mommy said they had to be put up so she could vacuum (whatever that is).

After picking up, I helped Mommy empty trash cans and clean the kitchen. I got bored because I couldn’t really help out and decided to take a short nap while she was doing those. Kevin decided to take a nap too.

I woke up to a horrifying noise! Mommy was holding a big Monster that was sucking things up. It made a horrible noise and I was terrified! I tried to find a way away from it. I hid under the table and it came after me. I hid on the couch and it tried to eat the couch! Finally I ran to the other room where my big brother was laying under the kitchen table and hid there with him. He explained to me that Mommy was using a vacuum. Kevin said that even though it is loud and scary I did not need to be afraid of it because Mommy would never let it hurt me. He offered to stay by my side until she was done. I am so glad I have Kevin as my big brother. I know he will protect me.

Then the horrible vacuum monster stopped and Mommy invited me to help her clean out our kennels. That was fun! We pulled out the trays and sprayed them down. I helped Mommy by attacking grabbing the rag and helping her wipe them down. Then we put everything back in and Mommy put in fresh water. I went in both our kennels to make the final inspections. They both got a paws up. Mommy and I make a good cleaning team.

Even though some parts of cleaning were fun, I really hope we don’t do it again tomorrow. It was tiring work. Yawn… I think I’m going to go take a nap until dinner…


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