Sickness isn’t Fun But Sand Is!

Sorry about not posting the last few days. I have been sick with worms. It hasn’t really effected my play, but I’ve been sleeping and pooping a lot recently. I think I’m almost all better now. It’s been REALLY hot here recently, like a million degrees! Mommy says it’s only around 100, but I think she’s guessing too low. It has been nice to be inside with the air conditioning even though I miss play times outside.

This evening on our walk Mommy took Kevin and me over to the sand volleyball court. I didn’t know what that stuff was under my feet! It moved when I stood on it. I enjoyed running in it. Kevin just rolled his eyes at me, but I saw him having fun too. I need to ask Mommy to go back soon. Maybe next time Daddy can come and play with us!

Mommy says that tomorrow we are going to continue to work on shake and stay. I struggle with those. I do know sit very well! I have to sit in order to get a treat. I really like treats.


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