Some Seconds

Today Mommy took Kevin and I to Petco. I needed a water bowl for my kennel like my big brother’s bowl. I kept spilling the one that was in there. I was nervous to ride in the car. It was the second time I rode in the car since I was adopted. (First time was coming home!) I didn’t want to get in, so Mommy picked me up. I got to sit on her lap while Kevin was the co-pilot. He loves car rides. He stuck his head out the window almost the whole ride!

When we got to Petco we got out and sniffed around. Then Mommy led us towards the doors. I did NOT want to go in. After all it was only my second trip to Petco. Maybe it was the automatic doors, but I said no. Mommy came and walked beside me. When we got in, a nice lady who works there came and said hi. I’m very shy so I ran and hid behind Mommy while Kevin checked out the lady. When I saw she was nice to Kevin I cautiously went over to said hi. She was super nice and rubbed my ears. Then we went to go look at the water bowls. At least five other people came over to pet me. I think I like Petco now. Plus they have a treat bar! Most of the treats I have problems eating right now because they are so big, but Mommy split one between Kevin and me. It was a Strawberry Oreo Cookie. Mommy gave me some of the filling while my brother got the rest. I loved it sooo much that I sat over by the treat bar and started whining at Mommy to give me another. She told me that we had to buy any more and that treats aren’t always free. I think treats should be free for everyone! That would be an awesome place. My second trip was a success and now I can’t wait to go back!


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