Sit? Wait, that means I get treats!!!

Hi, there. It’s me – Karl – again. Mommy began working with me on training. I’m getting to know my name really well. Mommy and Daddy use it all the time when they talk to me. I LOVE it when they talk to me unless I’m in trouble. Mommy began working on “sit” and “down” yesterday. At first I didn’t want to do any of it – I just wanted to PLAY! I wanted to play with my red dog and my Lambie and my monkey and Kevin’s Chewy…but back to my story. As soon as Mommy pulled out these yummy treats, OH! That is all that I wanted. Mommy wouldn’t give me any for being cute or jumping on her trying to give her hugs. She made me sit. I got it pretty quick. I still have some trouble at first because I REALLY want that treat. Down is still a work in progress. My big brother is a pro at both. I hope someday I can be just as good as he is. Oh, I gotta run. Mommy just pulled out the treats again!


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